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You are a Crawler, struggling to survive the battles that unfold behind every dark portal. Your skill cards and weapons are your only bastions against the forces of the horde.

In this physics based ARPG, each crawl is unique through the choices you make. Hunt for loot, craft powerful equipment, and head into arenas to battle against other crawlers.


Physics Based Combat

Fight your way through hordes of enemies with melee weapons ranging from large mighty hammers to long-handled flails. If close combat isn't your style, wands, staves, and bows give you a leg up in long-ranged combat.

Brawl it or Crawl it

Crawling through realms doesn't have to be a lonely affair. Enter PvP arenas to test your skills against other crawlers or team up to fight the horde together.

The Choices are Yours to Make

Whether you are choosing your dominion points, skill cards, or weapons, every choice makes every crawl unique.

Crafting Brings Great Power

Crafting equipment and weapons will be the difference between making it out alive or being overrun by hordes of enemies.


Dominions are the talents you learn after every crawl. Choose between several dominion classes to specialize your skills and add to your arsenal of astral defenses.

About Good Morning Games

Good Morning Games is a husband and wife run indie game development studio founded in 2021.
Currently they are working on their first debut title, Knight Crawlers, a physics based action RPG.

About The Iterative Collective

The Iterative Collective is an incubator and publisher for indie games. It was founded in 2019 by game developers who set out to tackle the problems faced by studios in the games industry.

With an experienced core team and industry veterans as mentors, we provide a holistic and structured approach to incubation and publishing of independent games. This incubation framework developed jointly with our mentors ensures that the game development studios we incubate produce games of a world-class standard.


Good Morning Games

Ivan Moltini

Tanya He

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Matthew Quek

Haskel Chua


Tran Duong

Cameron Hyland

Kelsey Reyes


Ng Jian Zhi


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